welcome-to-sweet-fieldsHazel Lindey (Cicely Wilson) and Rosee Garfield (DiAnne Malone), authors of The Church Chronicles of Iris & Locke, are happy to announce a return to the fictional town of Sweet Fields, GA, where the air is clean and the people are far beyond mere clichés.  Only two years ago they introduced readers to the town by way of the first novella, Welcome to Sweet Fields.  Since that time, they have published three more novellas, with the first three culminating in print as a three-part trilogy.

The authors are thrilled to announce the release of the second trilogy, The Spring Fever Series, at the end of March 2017.  To help you get through the wait, the ladies have offered a free read of the first novella, Welcome to Sweet Fields, in the form of a blogvella, right here on the site.  Each Wednesday at noon, a new post will feature the stories of Sweet Fields and the St. Andrew Church.

We encourage our readers, old and new, to visit and revisit the quaint town and its quirky habitants for a brief get away from the humdrum of the day.  Enjoy the laugh out loud predicaments in which members of St. Andrew Church find themselves.  Speculate about new loves and old rivals.  Return to Sweet Fields, just for a few minutes each Wednesday, and let the dazzling prose walk you through the Southern charm of the town.